The BBC on voice devices

Page updated: 18 December 2018

You can now access BBC content through the Amazon Echo and Google Home. In time, we'll support even more voice devices.

What BBC content is available on Google Home?

Live radio

You can listen to all your favourite BBC radio stations. Say: "Ok Google, play BBC [radio station]". View a list of BBC radio stations


You can get BBC News, World Service News, and BBC Minute. Say: “OK, Google, play the news”. Read how to set up news sources in the Google Home app

At the moment, you can access BBC content on Google Home without signing in.

What BBC content is available on the Amazon Echo?

Live radio

You can listen to all your favourite BBC radio stations. Say: “Alexa, ask BBC to play [radio station]”. View a list of BBC radio stations

Shows and podcasts

Whether you’re into comedy, drama, science or history, there’s something for everyone. Say: “Alexa, ask BBC to play [show or podcast]” OR “Alexa, play [show or podcast] from the BBC”. View BBC shows and podcasts

Flash Briefings

BBC NewsBBC SportBBC BusinessWorld Service News and BBC Minute are available as Flash Briefings. Say: “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing”. Read how to set up your Flash Briefings in the Alexa app

If you have an Amazon device with a screen, like an Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can get the BBC News Flash Briefing as a video instead.

How can I get the BBC Skill on the Amazon Echo?

To automatically enable the BBC Skill say: “Alexa, open the BBC”. Alternatively, you can find and enable the BBC Skill through the Alexa website or app. It’s free of charge. 

You’ll then need to link your BBC account to the voice device.

If you don’t have a BBC account, you can register here - it’s a quick and easy process. You need to be over 13 to link accounts.

For more information on how we make sure your details remain safe and sound, visit Your Information & Privacy

For full details on setting up skills, visit the Enable Alexa Skills page on Amazon.

Help with using the BBC Skill

When using the BBC Skill, you can control your listening experience with voice instructions. It's as simple as that.

To launch the skill say “Alexa, open the BBC”.

To help you get started, you’ll be asked what radio station, show or podcast you'd like to listen to when you first access the BBC Skill. Or, to get straight to your favourite sounds, say “Alexa, ask BBC to play [radio station, show or podcast]”.

How do I give feedback?

We always welcome audience feedback. Get in touch by emailing

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